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MCF Auto is revolutionizing the auto repair industry by providing customers with the knowledge to put them in control over the health of their vehicle. From an oil change to an engine overhaul, our customers leave the workshop understanding the work done to return their vehicle to top condition. We believe auto ownership can be enjoyable and educational by giving clear information about repairs while offering recommendations for future care to keep visits to the workshop at a minimum and repair costs low.

Our philosophy is based on intelligent preventative maintenance which costs car owners less in the long run and makes for an enjoyable, safer driving experience. Our job is complete when our customers leave the workshop empowered with the knowledge to keep their vehicles running their best.

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Singapore is one of the most expensive places for car ownership in the world.  We have seen neglecting car maintenance often leads to unnecessary break-downs and hefty repair bills. An ounce of prevention IS worth a pound of cure, and this is true with our cars.

Unfortunately, many car owners do not know what to do to keep their cars running well and often place blind faith in their auto service advisers. This becomes particularly important in steamy Singapore where high heat, humidity and demanding city driving puts severe strain on our vehicles.

We believe that good preventative maintenance is a vital step toward avoiding repeat visits to the workshop and big repair bills.



MCF Auto works toward the goal of reducing our carbon footprint to protect the environment. All our equipment and processes are tailored to minimize emissions and harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere. We make this effort to help save our world for future generations.

Keeping your car in top condition brings many benefits such as:

Lower fuel consumption,
Better performance,
Reduced frequency of breakdowns due to wear and tear,
Reduced chance of hefty repair bills due to negligence,
Reduced carbon footprint,
Reduced greenhouse effects,
Improved car ownership experience.

Is this possible?
Yes, it IS possible.

Talk to us today. Let us show you how.